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All things swimming; competitive, instructional, athlete, parent and more.

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How can the swimming community leverage the Convene Swimming community platform for greater success? 

Club and team management 

    - Announcements, discussion boards, scheduling, travel details, task management, etc. 

Training or educational sessions

- Technical training of strokes, turns or educating officials

- Fitness exercises outside of regular training can be put into Experiences that anyone can use and enjoy.

Film Analysis

   - Breaking down recorded race footage by swimmer. Breakdown head and hand position, or other techniques.

Education and Development

    - Coaches, referees, club administrators, local & state organizations, etc can use Convene Swimming by using their existing training programs to train & educate their staff & members within our Syllabus & Experience platforms. 


    - Students & athletes can connect with each other sharing tips on how to become a better teammates, how to train properly. The opportunities are endless!

And SO MUCH MORE. All you need to do is contact Aaron Reeves to find out all the other ways that Convene Swimming can help you connect, collaborate, communicate and educate.



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Focus and Concentration
More concntration and focus, less "choking". Here are some mental skills that you can use to help with improving your concentration and focus
Kirstie Alvarez
Social Media and Screen Time
Screen Time
Aaron Reeves
Shoulders and Foam Rollers
Shoulder Foam Roller
Aaron Reeves
Breaststroke Complete Stroke
Breaststroke Complete
Aaron Reeves
Goal Setting!!!
Going over goal setting! This experiences breaks down how to make goals that are attainable and keep you motivated to improve!
Kirstie Alvarez
Lets talk about effective communication! This experience discussed different types of communication styles and ways to effectively get your message across.
Kirstie Alvarez
Confidence and Self-Talk
Become aware of the things you say to yourself! Let's change our negative thoughts into more positive ones that will help improve overall confidence in the pool.
Kirstie Alvarez
Shoulder Stability
Shoulder Stability
Aaron Reeves
Snacks and meals for Swimmers
Sport Nutrition
Aaron Reeves
Sleep - Why it's important
Did you know that 12% of people dream in black and white, and before the color tv was created 85% did? Taking this experience will help you understand sleep and how it can help you in the classroom, boardroom and your field of competition.
Aaron Reeves
COACHES CORNER: Basic Nutrition for Swimmers
Jennifer (VanAssen) Brunelli MS, RD, LDN joins host Mike Murray to discuss basic nutrition for swimmers, as well as debunking some diet myths! Jennifer loves the opportunity to help young females gain confidence through knowledge. She is part of the first ever Gatorade Women's Advisory Board alongside female athletes and impactors such as Abby Wambach (NWSL), Sarah Spain (ESPN), Candace Parker (WNBA), etc. Jennifer is the sports nutritionist for LEAD, a female Olympian run business that stands to help young female athletes gain leadership skills and confidence in and out of their sport. LEAD provides female athlete education modules student athletes can learn from. Jennifer is a nutrition spokesperson and wellness resource with numerous corporations and media outlets. In 2016, she received a BOB award by Charlotte magazine for the Best Dietitian in Charlotte. Jennifer was chosen as part of the Whistle Sports and NFL campaign ‘Unstoppable,’ sharing stories of significant influencers on pro athletes.
Aaron Reeves
What's EVF
EVF is one of the most commonly referenced concepts in the technical swimming and coaching world, yet most are unsure what exactly Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) is. To learn more, check out this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday!
Aaron Reeves
Crossover Turn
Learn how to perform a crossover turn correctly.
Aaron Reeves
College Recruiting Webinar
Watch this webinar to learn more about what coaches are looking for and how you can position yourself to put your best foot forward.
Aaron Reeves
Backstroke Start in 60 Seconds
These are some basics to get you started. Just remember one size does not fit all, but these tips can help put you on the right track to improving your backstroke start.
Aaron Reeves