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COACHES CORNER: Basic Nutrition for Swimmers

Aaron Reeves

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Jennifer (VanAssen) Brunelli MS, RD, LDN joins host Mike Murray to discuss basic nutrition for swimmers, as well as debunking some diet myths! Jennifer loves the opportunity to help young females gain confidence through knowledge. She is part of the first ever Gatorade Women's Advisory Board alongside female athletes and impactors such as Abby Wambach (NWSL), Sarah Spain (ESPN), Candace Parker (WNBA), etc. Jennifer is the sports nutritionist for LEAD, a female Olympian run business that stands to help young female athletes gain leadership skills and confidence in and out of their sport. LEAD provides female athlete education modules student athletes can learn from. Jennifer is a nutrition spokesperson and wellness resource with numerous corporations and media outlets. In 2016, she received a BOB award by Charlotte magazine for the Best Dietitian in Charlotte. Jennifer was chosen as part of the Whistle Sports and NFL campaign ‘Unstoppable,’ sharing stories of significant influencers on pro athletes.



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